This was a fun project we completed in a West Knoxville home. Prior to the grand opening of the Magnolia Design Center, I spent about 5 years doing in-home consultations in West Knoxville. One of my early consultations resulted in a basement projector and screen set up with a pretty basic surround sound system. That project went well, and over the years, I maintained a relationship with the clients. Around the time we opened our showroom in late 2015, they came by the store. They told me that they were planning to build a new home and wanted to talk through having Magnolia set it up.

This was a rare project for me because of how early I got involved. When we started planning things out, the clients did not have finalized plans for their home, had not selected a plot of land to build on yet, and hadn’t even decided which builder they would work with. We were truly one of the first trades to get involved, and it was a terrific experience to be able to be so instrumental in the planning phase of the home.

During the months that followed, we had several meetings to discuss what we could do for them and began to formulate a plan. It began with a showroom tour and a wish list. When it comes to technology for a new home, we offer all of the fun stuff! We talked about designing a smart home that was easy to control and provided reliable, high-quality entertainment and security throughout.

As the plans neared completion and the clients landed on a homesite and a builder, our plan began to come into focus. The backbone of the system

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