Who I am.

I married Kelsie in October of 2013, and our daughter Calliope was born in April of 2016. We welcomed our son, Kingsley, in September of 2020. We are a Clemson and Disney family. My grandfather played football at Clemson for Coach Frank Howard in the late 1950s, and I can remember sliding down grass hills on cardboard boxes outside the West Endzone during games as a kid before Clemson's recent historic run of success. I take tiger-paw-stamped $2 bills to away games and wear orange, white, and purple argyle pants to work on game days in the fall.

We are also annual passholders at Walt Disney World in Florida. We try to take 2-3 trips down per year. We attended the inaugural Festival of the Arts at Epcot and, assuming our health and finances allow, hope to never miss a year. We remember our trips by adding a piece of art to our home each year. We also get a new Christmas ornament on every trip and are avid pin collectors/traders. We share our home with our dog, Scout, and our cats, Knox and Amelia.

I began my retail career in high school as a "miscellaneous utility" at the local K-Mart. In October of 2004, during my Freshman year of college, I was hired as a seasonal employee at Best Buy. I distinctly remember the manager who interviewed me telling me that I was being hired on as seasonal help, that it was a temporary position, and that I shouldn't expect to have a job after January. Years later, I'm in the midst of a wonderfully fulfilling career and I'm happy to have proven that expectation wrong.

Magnolia Audio Video was purchased by Best Buy in 2000, a few years before I joined the company. The nationwide rollout of Magnolia Home Theater locations didn't happen until 2005/2006, however, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of that rollout with the Knoxville store. I was a part of the original team that helped launch Magnolia in Knoxville, and this was really the turning point for me in transitioning my mindset from having a job while I finished college to having a career. Over my time with the company, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of several pilot programs and innovative initiatives, and have been honored as a 2-time Brad Anderson Legacy Stock Award winner and a 3-time member of Magnolia's prestigious President's Club. In 2020, Best Buy decided to sunset the Magnolia brand as we streamline our product and services offerings for our customers. I now serve as the Market Manager for Consult and Design, overseeing premium home theater and appliances, for the East Tennessee market.


Wife / Boss


Daughter / Mini-Boss


Son / “Happy Jack”


I have spent the past 15+ years building meaningful relationships with clients, business partners in our community, and have cultivated a massive professional network within the company and industry. I value trust and open communication, and feel that it's always important to do right by people.


I am a self-taught Microsoft Excel whiz, using the powerful software (along with some additional programs and add-ons) to gain impactful insights on large amounts of data at a glance. I use this skillset to help make my team more efficient, for performance and gap management, and for predictive analysis of the business. Analytics play heavily into my data-driven approach to fantasy sports as well.


When I was 12 years old, I built my first website using Angelfire. It was a Harry Potter fan site, and it eventually outgrew the free hosting package and had to move to paid hosting. During my time running the site, I taught myself HTML. I now use Wordpress and many of its powerful features to design and manage multiple sites across the web.


Social Media has changed the way consumers research products and services, interact with businesses, and make buying decisions. I manage multiple business and personal social media accounts to help promote my own brand and our local Magnolia Design Center's brand. #awesome

How we work.

1 Setup a time to meet with one of my system designers. This can be an in-store meeting at our state-of-the-art showroom in Knoxville, or a free in-home consultation. This works best if anyone who will be using the system or involved in the purchasing decision is present. We will ask a number of questions about your goals and priorities, and we will use our budget builder tool to help establish a project budget.

2 Once the budget is approved, we will collect a refundable 15% deposit on the approved budget. This deposit is a good faith gesture that you intend to do business with us, and gives my commissioned sales team time off of the sales floor to create a customized scope of work and itemized quote for your project. This also allows us to begin working on accompanying project documentation.

3 After the scope of work and quote are complete, you'll meet again to discuss. If everything looks good, we'll begin ordering in product for you and get you scheduled for installation. If any changes need to be made, this is when we'll discuss those. Full payment is due at least 48 hours before installation. We have a number of post-installation support capabilities that will be discussed with you during the design process.