Welcome to my home on the web. I am the Market Manager for Consult & Design for Best Buy in the East Tennessee market, where I utilize my expertise in team leadership, strategic planning, business expansion, client relationship management, revenue amplification, and staff development. From start to finish, I am involved advancing business by optimizing operations, anticipating and solving complex problems, as well as providing continual visibility on progress.

I have worked with highly-qualified, cross-functional teams and have experience interfacing with senior executives and direct reports in order to foster communication and connection between all parties involved in a company initiative. You can expect 100% transparency, smooth communication, and operational results when working with me.

Prior to my current role, I have served as General Manager, Sales Manager, Senior System Designer, and Department Supervisor with Best Buy and Magnolia Design Center, a specialty division of Best Buy. I hold an Associate of Science from Tri-County Technical College, as well as several professional certifications, including Control4 Tech I and Tech II certifications. I am currently working to finish up coursework to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance from WGU.

When I am not at my day job, I'm often researching sports statistics and trends. I began playing fantasy football in my dad's work league in 1997 when I was 11 years old. I turned my passion for sports into profit when I discovered Daily Fantasy Sports. Over the years, I have finished first place in several large-field tournaments, with multiple five- and six-figure wins. I have also attended a live World Championship final at the Playboy Mansion, as a top 50 finisher in the world. I'm also a blockchain enthusiast and a big believer in cryptocurrency and NFTs. I co-host a podcast with some friends and produce several others. I also have an enterprise-grade server in my home that I administrate and use to learn and practice code.

My wife and I also founded a parenting community called Wise Beyond Their Years in May of 2021.

I married Kelsie in October of 2013, and our daughter Calliope was born in April of 2016. We welcomed our son, Kingsley, in September of 2020. We are a Clemson and Disney family. My grandfather played football at Clemson for Coach Frank Howard in the late 1950s, and I can remember sliding down grass hills on cardboard boxes outside the West Endzone during games as a kid before Clemson's recent historic run of success. I take tiger-paw-stamped $2 bills to away games and wear orange, white, and purple argyle pants to work on game days in the fall.

We are also annual passholders at Walt Disney World in Florida. We try to take 2-3 trips down per year. We attended the inaugural Festival of the Arts at Epcot and, assuming our health and finances allow, hope to never miss a year. We remember our trips by adding a piece of art to our home each year. We also get a new Christmas ornament on every trip and are avid pin collectors/traders. We share our home with our dog, Scout, and our cats, Knox and Amelia.

I began my retail career in high school as a "miscellaneous utility" at the local K-Mart. In October of 2004, during my Freshman year of college, I was hired as a seasonal employee at Best Buy. I distinctly remember the manager who interviewed me telling me that I was being hired on as seasonal help, that it was a temporary position, and that I shouldn't expect to have a job after January. Years later, I'm in the midst of a wonderfully fulfilling career and I'm happy to have proven that expectation wrong.

Magnolia Audio Video was purchased by Best Buy in 2000, a few years before I joined the company. The nationwide rollout of Magnolia Home Theater locations didn't happen until 2005/2006, however, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of that rollout with the Knoxville store. I was a part of the original team that helped launch Magnolia in Knoxville, and this was really the turning point for me in transitioning my mindset from having a job while I finished college to having a career. Over my time with the company, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of several pilot programs and innovative initiatives, and have been honored as a 2-time Brad Anderson Legacy Stock Award winner and a 3-time member of Magnolia's prestigious President's Club.