Of all the projects I have completed during my career, this one probably represents the most dramatic transformation. It was a great learning experience, as I got to be the “general contractor” for the project. Typically speaking, when trade partners are brought in to complete work that falls outside of our scope, they are hired by the client directly. While we try to be a good partner for anyone that we work with, we’re typically not responsible for the quality of their work.

For this basement home theater transformation, however, one of the conditions for winning the job was a total turn-key solution. This family bought into the vision we painted for the room but wanted to be sure they had a single point of contact for everything related to the project. This provided some very interesting challenges for me but made me feel so much pride in the finished product.

The room was a run-of-the-mill spare bedroom in a basement of a 4-level home in Charlotte. It was completely light-controlled but would need a lot of work to transform into the home theater these clients were dreaming of. The room would need to have a door removed and the wall closed in, a riser built for the second row of chairs, new paint on the walls and ceilings, new carpet, a soffit system to hide the projector and cabling, an HVAC return moved, some electrical work done, new light fixtures, and of course, the audio-video equipment and furniture.

We partnered with one of our vendors, Acoustic Innovations, to design the room and create a photo-realistic 3D rendering of what the finished product would look like. After a bit of back and forth, we agreed to terms on the deal and got to work. From the time of the initial consultation to completion of the install took about 6 months. The finished room looked incredible, and the picture and sound quality were truly incredible.