I've been on a computer for as long as I can remember. My first website was a Harry Potter fansite that I built on Angelfire in 1997 when I was 11. It outgrew the free hosting plan and I had to get my parents to pay for hosting to keep it online.

My interest in computers, programming, and technology in general has grown very organically as I've gotten older. Now, I have a Dell R720 server at the house that I use to host all sorts of apps and services. This website is actually hosted on that server from my house.

I'm constantly learning how to more effectively use technology to automate tasks in my life, protect my data, save money by using free/open-source software alternatives to popular paid services, and I typically offer the use of these services to friends and family.

Some content related to my Home Lab is for subscribers only!

I use Windows, macOS, and Linux at the house. My server runs on Unraid. Learn more about my Home Lab experiments and services individually:

  • Unraid Operating System
  • Swag / Nginx Proxy Manager
  • n8n Task Automation
  • Ghost Content Publishing Platform
  • SuiteCRM Relationship Management / Database
  • Tailscale Private WireGuard VPN
  • Vaultwarden Password Management
  • Nextcloud Personal Cloud Backup
  • Roon Audio Server
  • Plex Media Server
  • -rr Media Automation (Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr, Prowlarr, Doplarr, Readarr, Overseerr)
  • Tautulli Plex Dashboard & Analytics
  • Matomo Web Analytics
  • Calibre e-book Manager & CalibreWeb Web App Interface
  • Bookstack (Gitbook Alternative) Documentation Software
  • Grocy - Enterprise Resource Planning system for the kitchen!
  • Audacity / Descript - For Podcast Editing
  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, & More) - For Media/Graphic Creation and Editing
  • DuckDNS - Free Service to Point a DNS to an IP Address
  • mariaDB SQL Database Client
  • Microsoft Excel Projects
  • Python Scripting Projects